5 Proven Rules for Buying a Horse

The probability of a first-timer purchase a horse and end up not liking it are always very high. Cases of individuals who went out to buy a horse that got complications not many days later are very common. Most people go to purchase a horse and make irrational decisions based on just the looks and feel. They forget there’s more to a good horse than just the smooth white fur or the big lovely brown eyes. Remember this is a horse that you are going to spend a fortune training it, buying its saddles, feeds, sprays and ointments, leg wraps, etc. It is thus paramount that you make a sound decision in your purchase. The following is a guide on how to buy a reliable that’ll meet your needs:

1. Ensure it undergoes a pre-purchase exam

Pre-purchase exams are not a mandatory, but they are very useful. You can never fully understand a horse by simply looking at it. Every horse has its strengths and limitations, and the best way to know them is through letting it undergo a pre-purchase exam. The review will help to pinpoint the horse’s limitations. From this, you can now know what medical or fitness attention the horse will need. It assists you to know how good the horse is and whether it matches the kind of activity you are planning to use it for. The pre-purchase exams are very crucial before making the decision of buying a horse.

2. Listen to a friend or expert’s opinion

When it comes to the purchase of a horse just like any other pet, your decision can be very corrupted. Maybe you have a weakness for a particular color or texture all of which may influence the decision you make. It’s for this reason that you are advised to bring along an expert or a trusted friend during your purchase. They will help to ensure that your fantasies or hopes don’t push you into making a regrettable choice. They will weigh in and assist you in getting the horse that you need and not what you want.

3. Find a horse with the discipline you need

If you want to buy a horse for hunting, then there’s absolutely no point in getting a beautiful one that cannot jump or run fast. Don’t just purchase one that’s pleasing to look at but won’t get the job done. Neither should you buy one hoping that you can discipline it or change its traits. That’s too much work that you don’t have to go through. Communicate your needs of the horse to an advisor or trainer and let them try the horse you want to buy before you close the deal.

4. Don’t rush the purchase

You should never dream about a horse at night and wake up the following morning going straight to buy one. You will regret it. Take your time and survey your options. Once you’ve identified what you want now go through the options of the sellers. Get a dealer that will sell you the right thing at the right figure. Consult friends who’ve bought horses before or an expert and let them advise you on the maximum amount that you should spend on a particular horse. There are millions of horses out there, and therefore you shouldn’t rush to buying one lest you end up with the one you won’t like.

5. Purchase the horse in person

Try as much as possible to avoid buying a horse through the internet without interacting with it in person. You need to ride the horse, tie it, tack it, lead it and handle it yourself before you buy it. Take the horse on a walk outside and see how it feels. It will help you purchase a horse that you like. In case the animal is located in a remote state from your home, you can always check up a horse trainer online. Tell them what you are looking for in a horse and ask them to go try out one and see if it meets the standards.

Horses are adorable animals. To enjoy the best out of these incredible creatures is getting one that matches your personality and needs. The best and probably only way to do this is by using the above guide. Follow the tips to the latter, and you can be guaranteed that you’ll end up with an amazing horse. Lastly, it may be best to have a dog as your horse’s companion. If you already have one, here’s the link to learn all about dog obedience training.


4 Basic Yoga Exercises Every Equestrians Should Do

After spending a whole day riding and taking care of your horse, all you need is to relax knowing that your horse is well. Probably, you won’t even take a minute to stretch your body. The truth is, as equestrians we love our horses too much that we forget about our health. And that is why most horse riders will pull their hamstrings, hurt their hips or get accidental injuries when they fall off their horse. One thing we forget is that riding a horse is just like any other sport that requires strength, flexibility and most importantly, concentration.

Clearly, there are many exercises you can always perform depending on your preference. However, when you are always tired after riding and taking care of your horse, you will need a workout routine that won’t require much of your energy and time. And that is where yoga comes in. Yoga will help you achieve balance, alignment, fluidity and body symmetrical making it easy for you to ride your horse and even perform stunts with limited risks.

So, what are the best Yoga Exercises for Equestrians?

1. Bound Angle Pose

This pose will help stretch your groin, inner thighs as well as knees.

To perform this pose, bring your feet’s soles close to each other and widen your knees to the outside. Try to bring your feet’s soles close to you as possible and let your knees drop to your sides. With both your hands hold your big toes to the ground to achieve some stability. At this position, try bringing your chest towards the floor and your head towards your toes. Once you’ve reached your limit, maintain the pose for about three to five minutes then release.

2. Cat-Cow Pose

This pose will help improve the suppleness and flexibility of your spinal cord. It will also open your shoulders and chest. Lastly, it will enhance your breathing.

To perform the Cat-Cow pose, begin on all fours. Ensure that your elbows, wrists, and shoulders are in one line under your hips. As you breathe out, squeeze your abs and curve your spine outside and towards the ceiling. While breathing in, raise your head up and curve your spine inside and towards the ground. Repeat this steps for approximately, 8 to 10 breaths.

3. Tree pose

Tree pose is one of the yoga poses that will improve your posture, focus as well as balance. It helps increase the flexibility in your hip joints, ankles as well as knee for better horse riding.

Stand with your arms along your torso and with your feet close to each other. Lift your right foot slowly and rest it as high as possible on your left thigh. Keeping your spinal cord lengthened, hold your right foot using your left hand. You can then bring your right hand towards the center of your chest with your fingers facing up as if you want to pray. Without removing your right foot from your left thigh, bring your left palm to meet your right palm in the middle of your chest. Hold for 60 seconds and then release.

4. Camel pose

This pose will improve your balance as well as focus. Also, it will improve your spine’s flexibility, stretch your legs, back as well as shoulders.

To perform camel pose, kneel upright and widen your knees hip-width apart. With your buttocks relaxed, flatten both your feet and shin on the floor. Place your hands on your pelvis then lean back and then tuck your chin towards your chest. Ensure that your thighs form a right angle with the floor. Lean back slightly to touch your heels. Lastly, bend your head backward as much as you can and hold the pose for 40 to 60 seconds.

This list has covered the four most important exercises every equestrian should do. You can learn more at yoga for beginners online. They are easy. They don’t require much of your time and can be performed anywhere with much ease. These four exercises are designed to help you achieve flexibility, strength, focus and balance that will help prevent unnecessary injuries and make your horse riding fun. So, create some workout routine, find time, especially in the evening hours and perform these exercises as instructed. Lastly, make sure you do them regularly to maintain your fitness.


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